NORDEN develops automated emissions reporting solution to support customers


NORDEN’s in-house Advanced Analytics and Digital Solutions team has developed an emissions reporting data solution, which creates automated transparency on carbon emissions for our customers. 

The solution, which makes it fast and easy for customers to automatically pull data after every voyage has been closed, has been successfully tested with NORDEN’s customer Rio Tinto, a global metals and mining company.

“This is a small, but vital step in developing a solution, which makes so much sense for both our customers and NORDEN - and we want to offer this to as many customers as possible,” says Adam Nielsen, Head of Logistics and Climate Solutions in NORDEN. “Rio Tinto is the first to test the solution, successfully, and we are now ready to offer this more widely to our customers,” he concludes. 

Jenna Rennick, General Manager for Rio Tinto’s Marine Operations, said “The transparent, efficient and accurate reporting of emissions data from our value chain partners is important as we accelerate the delivery of our climate commitments on shipping towards net zero emissions by 2050. We appreciate NORDEN’s innovative approach in supporting our goal.” 

Creating transparency on emissions is one of the five pillars in NORDEN’s sustainability strategy, launched last year, helping our customers decarbonise their supply chains and provide accurate transparency on carbon emissions. Transparency over emissions allows our customers to make decisions on freight transport based not just on price and date, but on environmental impact too.

Earlier this year, NORDEN launched a carbon emissions estimate prior to every journey as well as a post-voyage emissions report. The newly tested solution now allows for automated and instant emissions oversight, after every voyage is concluded. 

For further details please contact:
Head of Communications Anne-Louise Dam-Rasmussen