NORDEN expands Asian presence


Following the continued growth of NORDEN’s dry cargo activities, the company today announces the opening of an office in Dubai, effective 1 August 2020.

The office opening sees NORDEN relocate its Mumbai office to Dubai, in order to build a more sustainable base for growth across the entire region, including in NORDEN’s second largest office in Singapore.

“By opening an office in Dubai, we are following our clients to this trading hub, which we believe will bring increased access to clients and the employee base we are searching for,” says Christian Vinther Christensen, Head of Dry Operator at NORDEN. “The decision also follows growing dry cargo activities in NORDEN, which have seen us capturing market shares, also throughout the COVID-19 crisis, to our current operation of over 300 dry cargo vessels”.

NORDEN has been operational in Mumbai since 2005 and the move to Dubai signals that the company is now ready to take activity in the Indian Ocean region to the next level. The Dubai office opening allows NORDEN to continue to create, capture and deliver value to the company’s many clients in the area, thereby both keeping close relations with the many Indian clients who have relocated to Dubai and create the foundation for future growth across the region.


For further information

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