Understanding NORDEN

NORDEN believes opportunities for attractive returns should increasingly be sought from trading in the midst of market volatility by deepening client relations and through a continuous focus on harvesting operational efficiencies.

NORDEN has transformed the business unit structure to bring more agility and focus to the business. The transformation will facilitate higher risk adjusted returns through a stronger focus on the short-term trading-oriented operator activities and active exposure management.

Interim report - First quarter 2024

NORDEN reports net profit of USD 62 million for the first quarter of 2024 and continues to return cash to shareholders
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Share information

It is NORDEN's goal that the share price reflects the Company's actual and expected ability to create value for its shareholders.

NORDEN regularly provides relevant information on strategy, operations, results, expectations, markets and other matters affecting the assessment of the expected value creation in the Company.

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In a new episode in Millionærklubben Special's podcast, our CEO, Jan Rindbo, discusses NORDEN's thriving transformation into the digital realm and how we continuously improve on data-driven solutions in a highly volatile shipping market. Only in Danish.



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Financial calendar 2024

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Stig Frederiksen

Head of Communications & Investor Relations

sfr@norden.com +45 3271 0855