Accounting for around 90% of the world’s transported goods and raw materials, the shipping industry has a responsibility to work proactively with ESG-related topics and move the transition of the industry forward.

Operating at the heart of global trade, we recognise the responsibility we have towards customers, employees, investors, society, the environment and other stakeholders. Working proactively with Environmental, Social and Governance-related activities is an integral part of NORDENs business strategy and supports our purpose of enabling smarter global trade.

Our ESG efforts is centred around three core commitments – one within each ESG area. Based on the three core commitments, six different areas of prioritisation and supporting ambitions has been identified as areas where NORDEN will be able to make a concrete impact and move the agenda forward. The identified ambitions serves as a way to measure our performance and hold us accountable for our ESG performance.

Our ESG commitments


Enabling our customers to decarbonise their supply chains


Offering an inclusive, engaging, equal and safe working environment


Galvanising sustainable business conduct


With 3% of global carbon emissions originating from shipping, we as a business and the shipping industry as a whole have a responsibility to improve and harness efficiencies among current freight technologies, while spurring on technologies for the future.

At NORDEN we see it as our responsibility to take part in moving this transition forward, have ambitious aspirations and work proactively towards getting our industry to net zero.

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At NORDEN our most valuable asset is our people.

We continuously work to strengthen our position as an attractive employer, offering an inclusive, engaging, healthy and safe working environment, in which all employees have equal opportunities to realise their potential.

We aspire to build resilience, ensure well-being and enable our employees to operate as a globally connected team.

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Our governance structure ensures alignment with long-term shareholder interests and management of NORDEN in accordance with relevant national and international regulations.

As a global company, we operate in regions where concepts of integrity and good business conduct vary, which can pose challenges. However, non-compliance can lead to legal and reputational risks, damaging our license to operate.

To prevent any form of corruption, we focus on ensuring a strong governance foundation, setting the direction for what we define as good business conduct, no matter where in the world we do business.

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Partnerships & ratings

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
Sea Cargo Charter
UN Global Compact
Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative
Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
Trace - Anti-bribery Compliance Solutions
Plan A
Carbon Disclosure Project

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