CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Autumn 2017

The power of diversity

Flexibility is one of NORDEN’s core values and a contributing factor in ensuring that customers receive a service which satisfies the very high demands you can rightfully make on a company like NORDEN. Flexibility is not just a matter of ensuring that the customer’s cargo is picked up and delivered exactly where it suits the customer. It is also a matter of being able to view a situation from the customer’s perspective and understand why he or she has the specific needs and not least how NORDEN is best able to optimise the logistical challenges the customer may face.

NORDEN aims to contribute to smarter global trade – i.e. more efficient global trade – and as a globally operating shipping company, it implies that we are in contact with many different customers.

Regardless of their starting point, they must all be met with world-class service and a sense that NORDEN focuses on their individual needs and are able to accommodate them.

This makes high demands on NORDEN’s own organisation. We cannot sit back and offer standard services, since we do not believe that one size fits all. Instead, we will put ourselves in our customers’ place and ensure that individual customer needs are accommodated to the greatest possible extent. Employee diversity allows for flexible thinking and contributes to getting rid of inveterate conceptions and habits.

By composing teams with a variety of ages, levels of experience, nationalities, languages and genders, NORDEN – and Norient Product Pool – brings all its employees’ unique contributions into play for the benefit of improved customer service. This supports our ambition to contribute to smarter global trade. I hope you will enjoy reading this edition of NORDEN NEWS, which in a way also appears diverse both in terms of its selection of topics and the new design.

Enjoy the reading.

Jan Rindbo.

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