CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Spring 2016

Customers determines the success ...

NORDEN’s success rests on customer satisfaction. It is therefore of significant importance that the Company is always able to offer customers a level of service that lives up to the high demands they can rightly place on a shipping company like NORDEN.

It starts at the first contact, where the customer must experience one of NORDEN’s core values that is flexibility. And this is regardless of whether the contact is about one of NORDEN’s many dry cargo vessels or one of the about 90 tanker vessels operated by the product tanker pool Norient Product Pool (NPP), of which NORDEN owns 50%. Because even though the vessels are different, the service must be the same. From page 8 onwards in this issue of NORDEN NEWS, you can read more about how NPP is targeting its work to ensure that customers have a good experience regardless of the vessel’s name.

A high level of service characterised by quality makes demands on both the hardware and the software side of NORDEN. The hardware in the form of vessels in working order. The dry cargo market is under pressure at the moment, and it is therefore of particular importance to pay attention to the condition of the vessels – including vessels that NORDEN charters for shorter or longer periods. NORDEN has therefore increased focus on its dry cargo vessels and has established a function for the purpose of ensuring that the vessels meet customer demands with regard to standard, maintenance and flexibility. You can read more about this important initiative on page 20 onwards.

Whether it is about customer contact or inspection of vessels, it is NORDEN and NPP’s skilled employees – the software of the Company – who can make the difference between success and failure. In principle, everyone can buy the same vessels, so where NORDEN really can differentiate itself from its competitors is by ensuring smooth and streamlined procedures that allow for its skilled employees to express their capabilities fully. And NORDEN works actively to utilise the extra potential held within the organisation.

On the management side, business orientated management training has been initiated for all NORDEN and NPP managers, and on the systems side, it is all about organising procedures in the best way possible. NORDEN has therefore set up a new function – Business Application and Process Excellence – for the purpose of mapping and optimising all the many working procedures that are involved in contracting and transporting cargo safely from A to B. This you can read more about on page 28 onwards. The objective is to make the procedures more flexible and to ensure that NORDEN focuses on the working practices that are the most important in order for customers to be satisfied with NORDEN’s services. Together with an adjustment of the fleet, lower expenses for chartered vessels, a strengthening of the financial position and a new strategy with increased customer focus, these initiatives help ensure that NORDEN makes it through the challenging dry cargo times in the best way possible and get the most out of the good tanker markets that we are experiencing at the moment. We cannot change the markets, but we can control our own performance in these markets. And customer satisfaction is crucial for our success.

Enjoy your reading.

Jan Rindbo, CEO

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