Expectations for 2018




8 August 2018
Announcement No 10

Due to a very weak tanker spot market, NORDEN lowers its expectations for the Adjusted Result for the year to USD 0 to 30 million.Announcement No 10

6 March 2018
Announcement No 2

Expected adjusted results for 2018 for the group: USD 10 to 50 million based on a continued gradual improvement in the dry cargo market and a tanker market that after a weak start to the year is expected to improve slightly. Announcement No 2

Forward-looking statements 

The annual- and interim reports and stock exchange announcements referred to above contains certain forward-looking statements reflecting the management’s present judgment of future events and financial results.

Statements relating to 2018 and subsequent years are subject to uncertainty, and NORDEN’s actual results may therefore differ from the projections. Factors that may cause such variance include, but are not limited to, changes in macro-economic and political conditions, particularly in the Company’s principal markets; changes to the Company’s rate assumptions and operating costs; volatility in rates and tonnage prices; regulatory changes; any disruptions to traffic and operations as a result of external events, etc.