Expected payment of dividend

29 Apr 2010

NORDEN’s ordinary General Meeting will take place on 22 April 2010. The cut-off date for holding NORDEN shares and thus receiving dividend is thus also 22 April 2010. This means that share holders who hold NORDEN shares when NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S closes on the  day of the general meeting’s adoption of the Board of Directors’ proposal of dividend will be entitled to receive dividend payment.

In short – shareholders holding shares in NORDEN on close of business of NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S on 22 April 2010 will be entitled to receive dividend payment.

The NORDEN share will be traded ex-dividend from 23 April 2010. Expected payment of dividend will be about 5  working days after the general meeting i.e. about 29 April 2010. Dividend previous years

The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of DKK 7 per share. This corresponds to approximately 25% of the net profit being distributed to the shareholders (excluding treasury shares). See announcement No 8