Expected payment of dividend

30 Apr 2009

NORDEN’s ordinary General Meeting took place on 23 April 2009. The cut-off date for holding NORDEN shares and thus receiving dividend is thus also 23 April 2009. This means that share holders who hold NORDEN shares when NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S closes on the  day of the general meeting’s adoption of the Board of Directors’ proposal of dividend will be entitled to receive dividend payment.

In short – shareholders holding shares in NORDEN on close of business of NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S on 23 April 2009 will be entitled to receive dividend payment.

The NORDEN share will be traded ex-dividend from 24 April 2009. Expected payment of dividend will be about 5  working days after the general meeting i.e. about 30 April 2009.

Outcome of Annual General Meeting

The Board of Director’s proposal for the distribution of profits, including payment of dividends of DKK 13 per share of DKK 1 was adopted.

Announcement No 20