Corporate Soul Purpose


Our Corporate Soul Purpose:

As custodians of
smarter global trade, we are
conscious, soulful people
uniting a world where every
person and action matters.


In NORDEN we are proud and humble to have been entrusted with being guardians of customers' needs since 1871. Our responsibility is to further develop and strengthen NORDEN's position for the benefit of the next generations.

Smarter global trade

Global trade enables economic growth and development throughout the world. Through dedicated team-effort we find efficient and agile solutions to the long-term benefit of NORDEN and our partners and thereby raise standards for global trade. We are curious and have the courage to let new ideas grow. We challenge the status quo and push ourselves and others to constantly improve.

Conscious, soulful people 

Being soulful means being present and curious, having trust in people and nurturing personal relationships. It means being constantly conscious of opportunities where we can make a difference and advance our purpose of contributing to smarter global trade by positively engaging the people around us. We know our actions as individuals and as a company impact our surroundings, and believe personal indifference is a waste of potential. We have the courage to do the right thing also when no-one is looking. By doing so we shift our focus from our egos to the common good.


Global trade is crucial to economic development and involves building relationships with people all over the world. At NORDEN we unite the world through partnerships based on trust and respect. We foster passionate and trustful communities by being authentic, present and ambitious. We are not just out to maximize profit but constantly on the lookout to see how our overall contribution can be of benefit. We are better together.

Every person and action matters

We are sincerely interested in what drives and gives meaning to each person. All contributions make up crucial parts of the whole. We embrace diversity and understand everyone plays an important part in the company and the world. We acknowledge that everything others or we set out to do can make a difference so we take it seriously. We see it as our obligation to mobilise human potential in the search for results. We know we are in this together – we depend on each other.