Adapt and find better solutions. We aspire to be open towards different and better ways of doing things regardless of our own preconceived ideas. A benchmark for our flexibility has to be our ability to constantly find better solutions for our clients as well as balance the needs of colleagues, Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S and clients/partners.


Honesty, good intentions and no cheating. We aspire to demonstrate a behaviour that reflects no cheating, honest and good intentions, and an aspiration of building trust in our internal as well as external relationships.


Respect diversity in people and opinions. We aspire to work for the good of NORDEN and think and act as a team. We demonstrate a genuine interest in the needs of clients and colleagues and do our utmost to understand their situation and viewpoints. A benchmark for how well we live by this value is our ability to build close relationships with clients/cooperation partners and colleagues and create a unique team spirit.


Think ambition into every activity. We are on a mission to be the preferred partner in global tramp shipping and number one in our business. Ambition must be at the top of mind of every employee, every day in all aspects of our work and from the very beginning of every project. To always ask: ”Can it be done even better?”.