CEO's Column - NORDEN News Magazine Summer 2006

Close to the customers

After two extraordinarily successful years of supercycle in the shipping trade, 2006 points towards a more normal year with markedly lower freight rates and a larger supply of tonnage. As can be read elsewhere in this magazine, NORDEN for the second year in a row has been elected one of the World’s best shipping companies to create financial results (see p. 7). We now need to prove that we can do so in both very high markets and in more calm waters. NORDEN’s recipe to obtain these good results has been our closeness to customers and the markets, the huge enthusiasm of the employees and ability to work in a cross-organisational manner with focus on the customer – and our eye for the sound business and new opportunities in the market. This line – summarised in the phrase ”Close to the Customers” – has to be continued and further extended in the coming period in slightly different conditions. And we have every chance to do so. This issue of NORDEN News will take us far, looking into new and exciting business opportunities in South America, Africa, and Australia with examples of how the NORDEN employees in their daily work are close to customers and the markets and co-operate in a cross-organisational manner.

Enjoy reading this issue – and have good summer!