CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Winter 2017

Expanding global reach to enable smarter global trade

In this issue of NORDEN NEWS, you can read about how NORDEN has expanded and strengthened our global reach in recent years by opening new offices in Australia, Chile and soon also in Canada. This expansion is not only part of our ambition to be close to our customers and be able to service them in a relevant and individual way. It is also a matter of diversity.

A global organisation possesses diversity within cultures, educational backgrounds, experience and innovative thinking. At the same time, local offices offer greater market insight, better market access as well as enhanced operational knowledge in the area. These are all important elements in the efforts to enable smarter global trade – that is a more efficient global trade – which is part of NORDEN’s overall purpose. We call this our Corporate Soul Purpose, and I am proud of being part of an organisation that, through our daily operations and business, contributes to more efficient global trade and, in doing that, to tying the world better together.

Our many offices around the world are important pieces in fulfilling this purpose, but the people working at these offices are even more important. It is the people who with their knowledge, dedication and experience can make a difference in relation to each individual customer and each individual cargo.

By establishing our focused operator arm within dry cargo, that is Dry Operator, we have created the basis for NORDEN to be able to service even more customers going forward. Specialised
teams who possess great knowledge and decision-making power are ready to find solutions together with customers and partners to the many tasks which NORDEN encounters as a global player in our efforts to enable and support smarter global trade.

I hope you will enjoy reading this issue of NORDEN NEWS Winter 2017/18.

Jan Rindbo.

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