CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Spring 2017

The entire value chain is our field

NORDEN is more than just a transportation company carrying dry cargo goods and refined oil products from port A to port B. We can and want to do more than that. That is why we feel obliged to contribute to solving all logistical challenges connected with our customers’ need for transportation of grain, coal, wood pellets, fuel oil, gasoline, diesel oil etc. That is why we focus on global trade and not just shipping.

The purpose of our daily efforts has been put into words in our Corporate Soul Purpose. It is practically an objects clause which in a few words describes that we in NORDEN – and in Norient Product Pool (NPP) – wish to contribute to more efficient and sustainable global trade and thereby increased global wealth. Our Corporate Soul Purpose also states that we as conscious and soulful people wish to unite a world where every person and action matters.

This edition of NORDEN NEWS includes many examples of how we turn these nice words into action.

In NPP, which is responsible for the commercial operation of our product tankers, the employees put a lot of effort into seeing everything through the eyes of the customers. And those eyes are not only focused on port-toport transportation. The customers are of course concerned about the whole entity in which the actual transportation task is a part, and that entity also includes cost optimisation to a high extent. NPP endeavours to help the customers with this daily – even though the efforts do not affect NPP’s own bottom line – at least not in the short term. But since NPP’s basis for existence is made up of satisfied customers, it might affect the bottom line in the long term.

NORDEN’s port captains also play a key role when it comes to contributing to more efficient global trade, which both NORDEN and its customers benefit from financially.

NORDEN’s 10 port captains, who altogether have more than 250 years of maritime experience and who are placed on operationally strategic locations in the world, each year ensure that thousands of loading and discharging procedures run smoothly because they are familiar with local conditions and because they are present when challenges arise. But the port captains do more than that. They also provide assistance, when customers face particular logistical challenges in general – i.e. related to new loading and discharging facilities or changes to existing terminals.

A third example of NORDEN’s and NPP’s contribution to more efficient and sustainable global trade is delivered by the team who monitors NORDEN’s fleet of owned and chartered vessels daily and ensures that the vessels are as fuel efficient as possible. These efforts save us – and consequently also our customers – millions of dollars each year and result in reduced CO2 emissions.

To create results in a world that is more changeable than ever before, we need to be razor-sharp in terms of what the purpose of our daily efforts is, and it is necessary that we see our role as shipping people in a much wider perspective than the traditional. The entire value chain is our field.

Jan Rindbo.

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