CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Summer 2016

Transportation with expertise

For more than 145 years, NORDEN has connected the world through trade. Each year, NORDEN’s dry cargo vessels and Norient Product Pool’s product tankers call at about 730 and about 655 ports respectively and carry commodities safely and efficiently to their destination. Through the years, we have gathered great knowledge of how to handle each type of cargo and how the voyage from loading port to discharge port is best put together.

This expertise is available to the customer each time NORDEN or Norient Product Pool (NPP) carry out the transportation.

Right from the contract drafting in the form of a charter party to the final settlement of the transaction, NORDEN and NPP are ready to assist. It requires teamwork across the organisations to get there safely and it requires constant focus on the customer’s requests and needs. Our flexibility may come into play, but it must never compromise safety. Because it is an integrated part of NORDEN and NPP that transportation on board our vessels is done as safely as possible.

In addition to long-standing experience and expertise, it is also a matter of being attentive to changes in rules and regulations. NORDEN and NPP take these very seriously. From page 8 onwards, you can read about how NORDEN’s Dry Cargo Department handles the UN’s detailed and rigid rules and regulations for dry cargo transportation, as each dry cargo type has its risks.

And there is good reason to take these rules and regulations seriously because it is all a matter of safety. And safety cannot be questioned. Therefore, NORDEN also has 3 safety officers travelling the world to test equipment and making sure that crew members on board NORDEN’s owned dry cargo vessels and product tankers – operated by NPP – are always able to correctly operate this equipment.

The goal is not only to prevent accidents but also to make sure that the latest knowledge and experience within this area is always shared in order for the equipment handling to be not only safe but also efficient.

The 3 safety officers belong under the new head of the Technical Department, Jens Christensen. He may be new to the position as Head of Technical but in spite of his only 44 years of age he has more than 25 years of shipping experience. Throughout his career, he has managed a great number of tasks for the Company both at sea and on shore, and through that, he possesses great knowledge which is daily of use to him in his new position.

Together with the other employees in NORDEN, he helps provide the customers with the flexibility and reliability which are in demand. And at the same time, he and his colleagues are gathering even more expertise to the benefit of both current and future customers as part of the package when NORDEN and NPP carry out the transportation.

Enjoy your reading and have a great summer.
Jan Rindbo, CEO

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