CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Winter 2015

Focus on the customer ...

On pages 14-16, you will find an article on how NORDEN’s new strategy Focus & Simplicity prepares the ground for an increased focus of our efforts on fewer vessel types. We wish to focus our efforts since thorough analyses have shown that within dry cargo, the abilities of NORDEN’s talented employees really come into play and make a difference when we are dealing with the Supramax and Panamax vessel types.

As a leading operator, NORDEN will be able to offer its customers even more flexibility and reliability by getting even closer to the customers within selected vessel types. Our aim is to become the customers’ preferred shipping company, and the shipping company that they are most reluctant to see leave the negotiation table – first choice, last refusal. This imposes high demands on our organisation and our customer focus, but our starting point is better than good.

NORDEN is already recognised as one of the world’s leading operators of Supramax and Panamax vessels as we have almost 150 vessels within these two vessel types at our disposal. By increasing our customer focus within this area, we will, to an even higher extent, not only be informed about interesting cargoes, we will also be able to extend our fleet to ensure that a Supramax or Panamax vessel from NORDEN is always nearby.

This gives the customer flexibility and reliability, but it also provides NORDEN with an even better starting point for most efficiently combining cargoes and vessels. Quite simply, we are able to reduce the number of nautical miles sailing in ballast – i.e. without cargo – by having more vessels at our disposal and an even better knowledge of cargoes. Our strategy is dependent on the right people, and consequently it is decisive for NORDEN that we are able to attract and retain talented employees and that we are able to offer them development. On pages 8-13, you will find an article on how NORDEN makes a targeted effort to recruit the best cadets – our future officers on the bridge and in the engine room – to crew our many vessels. We need skilled, energetic people who are willing to take on the large responsibility of getting a vessel and the customer’s cargo safely to its destination. Because
people make all the difference.

Luckily, it seems like we also make a difference for the cadets, and we are thereby able to attract the right ones.

Readers might notice that this edition of NORDEN NEWS is a bit different from previous versions. We have decided to merge our internal technical employee magazine On Board with NORDEN NEWS, and the result is an extended magazine with even more articles on the many initiatives that NORDEN has launched to become the preferred partner in tramp shipping.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Enjoy your reading.

Jan Rindbo, CEO

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