CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Autumn 2015

Focus - quite simply ...

NORDEN has experienced impressive growth over the last 15 years. At the turn of the century, the Company operated 43 vessels – a number that had increased to 243 at the beginning of 2015. It has been an organic growth – we have not acquired competitors
but have grown under our own steam and by extension of our business.

It has been a great success, but the method has also led to budding within the organisation as tasks grew and new needs arose. In 2014, the Technical Department realised the consequences of the situation and openmindedly considered how to organise the department if starting from scratch. The result was a more focused and simple organisation of the Technical Department with fewer layers and more empowerment in the vessel groups as well as on board the vessels, which has not only increased efficiency and overview but also created more transparency and co-operation. It will create more employee satisfaction and attract the best resources.

NORDEN’s vision is to be the preferred partner in global tramp shipping. Customer focus is thus the key element in all our activities, and this focus needs strengthening. Consequently, the Company has initiated the annual strategy process under the heading Focus and Simplicity. Because only by maintaining the overview and strengthening our focus on the business and thus our customers will we move closer to NORDEN’s vision.

The strategy process covers a lot of ground and is anchored with Martin Badsted, who was appointed CFO in connection with the simplification of the Executive Management, which involved a reduction of the Executive Management team from 5 to 3 members.

This manoeuvre was possible because the next layer holds talented people who are ready to take responsibility for existing as well as new tasks. For that reason, it is an important element in the strategy that we delegate responsibility to the many talented people who are employed at all levels of the organisation. Firstly, because they are closer to the respective tasks and consequently are experts, and secondly and just as importantly, because competencies from all employees thus come into play – for the benefit of customers, the individual employee and NORDEN.

Because the individual employee makes the difference. As correctly stated by Vibeke Schneidermann on page 15, all companies can, in principle, buy the same vessels as NORDEN. But the expertise and experience accumulated during the years in NORDEN
and Norient Product Pool cannot in the same way be copied. It is a competitive advantage which we must apply actively in order for our customers to feel that our focus is concentrated on them – quite simply.

Enjoy your reading.

Jan Rindbo, CEO

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