CEO's editorial - NORDEN NEWS Magazine Summer 2015

Close to the customers

On 30 April, I became the CEO of NORDEN and take pride in now being part of this shipping company whose vision is to be the preferred partner in tramp shipping. It is an ambitious vision that places heavy demands on the organisation’s flexibility, reliability and empathy. However, it is a vision that NORDEN has all the conditions for achieving.

The key to success is proximity to customers as well as understanding their needs and being prepared to fulfil them. NORDEN is therefore expanding its global reach and plans to open the doors of its 7th overseas office in August.

Our office in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has given NORDEN a strong presence on the South American continent since 2003, and, as such, enabled us to follow the continent’s constant growth and thus its increasing business potential. To take advantage of this potential we are now ramping up our engagement and customer focus on the continent by opening an office in Santiago, Chile, where some of South America’s largest and most important dry cargo customers are located. On pages 4-9 you can read more about the background to and particularly the perspectives for the new office.

Close customer contact also applies in reverse – when NORDEN is a customer for others. This happens, for example, when we hire a company to clean our ship hulls, thus improving our vessels’ hydrodynamic performance and reducing fuel consumption and thereby CO2 emissions. For several years, NORDEN has focused on bringing down fuel consumption, and the Company’s Fuel Efficiency Team has analysed and identified the suppliers who are best at cleaning our ship hulls. You can read more about this initiative on page 13. This systematic approach to optimisation is deeply rooted in NORDEN’s organisation and contributes not only to better results but also to better economy. We spend money prudently and will continue keeping a keen eye on costs so we can attain our goal of reducing voyagerelated costs by USD 20 million annually within the next 3 years.

For although the tanker market is experiencing its 8th strong month, and our fleet of modern tankers is well-positioned to benefit from this development (see pages 16 and 17), we see no reason to rein in our level of ambition. On the contrary. Our business model of operating ships in both the tanker and the dry cargo markets gives us opportunities even during a time of stagnancy in the dry cargo market. And we intend to seize every opportunity we can, whether by making attractive ship sales and purchases or utilising our flexibility and ability to effect swift commercial decisions in a fluctuating market.

NORDEN has got off to a good start in 2015, and I am looking forward to many great years as CEO of this proud shipping company with its unique blend of heritage, history and modern
shipping practice.

I wish you good reading and a pleasant summer.

Jan Rindbo, CEO

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