CEO's Column - NORDEN News Magazine Autumn 2013


It is better to execute a good plan today than having the perfect plan lying in the drawer gathering dust.

NORDEN has a long and proud history. It builds on hard work, dedication and the ability of realising plans and strategies. To see initiatives make a difference at the bottom line. Shipping is fully dependent on this very fundamental matter. It is no use to make a contract for transportation of goods if the vessel does not reach its destination. This is what we are measured on, and this is what we are making a living of doing. Action is everything.

NORDEN operates globally, and with offices in Hellerup, Singapore, Shanghai, Annapolis, Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai, the Company is represented in 4 continents. Therefore, we also have a great view on what to offer businesses in these countries.

Shipping is a globalised business which may have roothold in an office but takes place in constant motion at sea. For this reason, we have followed with great interest the growing attention we as a business are receiving these years from countries and governments that want to attract activity, growth and employment. At NORDEN, we are proud of this attention as it signifies that we are an attractive business who delivers value to the countries and regions we are represented in.

But NORDEN is not planning to move our head office from Hellerup. We are Danish in our origin, and as long as the framework conditions are stable and allow us to compete on equal footing with shipping companies in other countries, Denmark will remain the basis of our business. Still, there is ongoing need for fine-tuning and development of the conditions we do business on – be it in Europe, North America, Asia or South America. I was therefore also happy to take on the task of being chairman of the Danish government’s growth team for the Blue Denmark as this provided the opportunity of offering input on how the decision makers could further improve conditions for us to be able to create even more growth and employment.

The growth team’s recommendations resulted in 38 specific initiatives in the Danish government’s plan, and after less than a year, we can establish that 37 of these have already been set in motion or are about to. This is nothing if not efficient action. It is positive to work with others who share your view on action. This is also true for Indonesia where they have achieved impressive growth in coal exports. Growth which NORDEN is part of as can be read on pages 4-7.

I wish you a great autumn and have fun reading. 


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