ABG Sundal Collier

Casper Blom, Analyst
E-mail: casper.blom(snabel_a)

Telephone No.: +45 3546 3015
Covers the sectors: Transportation & Industry


Helene Coumes
E-mail: h.coumes(snabel_a)

Carnegie Investment Bank A/S

Dan Togo Jensen

Telephone No.: +45 2637 6266
E-mail: dan.togo(snabel_a)

Danske Bank

Finn Bjarke Petersen, Senior Analyst

Telephone No: +45 4512 8036
E-mail: finpe(snabel_a)
Has followed the NORDEN share since: 1989
Covers the sector: Transportation



Nicolay Dyvik, Equity Research

Telephone No: +47 2294 8542
E-mail: nicolay.dyvik(snabel_a)
Covers the sector: Shipping

Fearnley Securities

Espen Landmark Fjermestad

E-mail: e.fjermestad(snabel_a)

Peder Nicolai Jarlsby

E-mail: pnj(snabel_a)



Nordea Markets

Marcus Bellander

Telephone No.: +45 2371 8988
E-mail: marcus.bellander(snabel_a)

Pareto Securities AS

Wilhelm Flinder

Telephone No: +47 2287 8809
E-mail: wilhelm.flinder(snabel_a)

Eirik Haavaldsen, Shipping Research

Telephone No: +47 24 13 21 20
E-mail: eha(snabel_a)

RS Platou Markets AS

Frode Mørkedal, Equity Analyst

Telephone No: +47 2201 6327
E-mail: f.morkedal(snabel_a)
Has followed the NORDEN share since: 2006
Covers the sector: Shipping


Lars Heindorff, Equity Analyst, Transportation

Telephone No: +45 3328 3307
E-mail: lars.heindorff(snabel_a)
Covers the sector: Transportation