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NORDEN very briefly

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S is an independent shipping company incorporated in Denmark and listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen as a part of the OMX Nordic Mid Cap index. See current market capitalisation here. NORDEN was founded in 1871, making it one of Denmark’s oldest internationally operating shipping companies. NORDEN operates in dry cargo and product tankers worldwide. 


NORDEN’s fleet is among the most modern and competitive in the industry. NORDEN operates in total 249 dry cargo- (including single trip chartered vessels and Interorient Navigation Company Ltd. vessels) and 56 tanker vessels and has in total 9 vessels on order: (dry cargo (owned): 4, tanker (owned and chartered): 5). Dry cargo fleet. Tanker fleet.

Offices around the world

NORDEN has its head office in Hellerup (Denmark) (265 employees incl. Site-offices) and offices in Singapore (46), Shanghai (China) (12), Annapolis (USA) (19), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (8), Mumbai (India) (10), Santiago (Chile) (3), Vancouver (Canada) (5)  and Melbourne (Australia) (3). At its offices NORDEN has in total 371 employees and about 690 are employed on the Company’s owned vessels.

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