Communications Policy

NORDEN’s Communications Policy is anchored in our values

Flexibility: Communication is core in any change and paves the way for continuous improvements. Thus, effective communication is important in our efforts to constantly find better solutions.

Reliability: We say what we do and do what we say. Within the boundaries of the regulations for listed companies and in respect of confidentiality agreements, commercial and security considerations, etc., we strive to communicate openly, honestly and consistently on both positive and negative aspects of our business considered relevant to our stakeholders.

Empathy: We strive for inclusive and targeted communication. We respect our stakeholders and seek to understand their situation and viewpoints in order to engage in a constructive dialogue.

Ambition: We cooperate across NORDEN’s departments to secure strategic direction and optimised information flows. We seek to improve our communication on an ongoing basis by adding new media and new channels and by increasing the relevance and the quality of the information provided. 

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Stakeholders and policies

Our primary external stakeholders are: Customers, shareholders, brokers, tonnage providers, yards, other partners, suppliers, organisations, investors, analysts, media, authorities and regulators, local communities, NGOs and potential employees. Communication with specific stakeholders takes place according to specific guidelines. The IR Policy constitutes the framework for communication with shareholders and analysts, Guidelines on media relations comprise the basis for media contact, and finally communication on Corporate Social Responsibility matters takes place according to our CSR Policies and commitments to the UN Global Compact. 

External communication

We are committed to communicate with our external stakeholders in a timely manner in respect of their differences and needs. Our objective is to support the business and protect the reputation of the Company by promoting awareness and understanding of our goals, strategies, activities and business principles. We aim to be accessible, proactive, service-orientated and fast responding. Any employee who has direct contact with our external stakeholders is responsible for appropriate communication within his or her area. Our corporate communication channels are our website, reports, company announcements, press releases, presentations, web- and audio-casts, films, newsletters, magazines, advertisements, meetings, social media etc.

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Internal communication

We are committed to promote dialogue, to giving and receiving feedback constructively, to appreciating differences and to aiming for mutual results in order to prompt knowledge sharing and create an efficient working environment. People managers are responsible for communication within departments and offices via one-on-one dialogues, meetings and briefings, etc., whereas Executive Management and Corporate Communications are responsible for communication on a corporate level via town hall meetings, intranet, memos, newsletters, magazines, films, etc. Our aim is that all employees appreciate NORDEN’s goals, strategies, business principles, values and their own role in this context. 

Corporate Communications contact

Nicolai Bro Jöhncke

Director - Head of Corporate Communications & CSR
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