Vessel Safety

Operating at sea involves significant risk that must always be managed carefully to safeguard the crew, the cargo, the environment and the vessel. A healthy and safe working environment for employees comes before anything else. All employees must return home from work safely.

Zero accident ambition

NORDEN’s ambition is zero accidents and we operate by the principle that no accident or environmental incident is acceptable. To support a robust safety culture, NORDEN has in place a safety management system and safety policy, compliant with the International Safety Management Code.

Vessels are put to the test

NORDEN’s fleet of product tankers are constantly put to the test by inspectors. Oil majors and authorities regularly check that NORDEN meets the safety requirements to vessel condition, training, operation of the vessel and the officers’ experience and years of service for the company.

NORDEN's tanker vessels are chartered by oil companies who conduct vettings and assess NORDEN’s ability to ensure safe working conditions and protection of the marine environment.

Port State Controls (PSC) are vessel inspections by the authorities in port, verifying that the condition of the vessel and safety equipment comply with international regulations and that the vessel is manned and operated in compliance with these rules. NORDEN seeks to continuously reduce the rate of deficiencies registered per PSC inspection.