Joint Efforts - Mutual Benefits

The shipping industry handles about 90% of the world’s transported goods. In this way, shipping links production, people and companies in global trade and contributes to development and growth all over the world. Developing efficient, reliable and smart solutions to transporting goods from producers to buyers is increasingly a key component in ensuring social development through trade.

Recognising that smarter global trade is closely tied to sustainability, NORDEN’s CSR Direction focuses on the linkages between social and economic progress and seeks to increase value for customers and communities, while strengthening NORDEN’s long-term competitiveness.

The CSR Direction is called ‘Joint Efforts – Mutual Benefits’ and focuses on 3 key areas :


The quality of the crew and the vessel determines the safety of the cargo, reliability of operations and the flexibility to deal with unexpected situations. By reinforcing focus on crew and vessel quality further, NORDEN seeks to lower trade costs for business and society


Every day lost due to barriers in the supply chain drives up costs. By coupling customer understanding and local insight, inefficiencies and barriers to trade might be removed. NORDEN seeks to optimise local supply chain solutions and contribute to enable trade for business and society


The cost of corruption on economic, political and social development is high. Corruption adds unnecessary cost and delays to most trades across the spectrum. NORDEN seeks to eliminate the corruption burden on local society and on companies.

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