Anti-Corruption Policy

NORDEN has a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corrupt behaviour. Bribery is illegal worldwide, and NORDEN is committed to actively fight corruption.

However, corruption is a systemic issue that extends deeply into cultures, systems and societies and thus not easily eliminated. Taking a stand may often result in commercial losses.

Facilitation payments are customary in some parts of the world, and NORDEN is occasionally faced with these types of demands. NORDEN works to ultimately eliminate facilitation payments in the maritime sector through our Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme and through our active engagement in the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network.

Part of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

NORDEN has been an active member of the industry initiative the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) since its inception in 2011. Via MACN, NORDEN works with other maritime companies towards a maritime industry free of corruption enabling free trade to the benefit of society, business and individuals.

Whistleblower scheme

NORDEN’s whistleblower scheme provides safe and anonymous access to reporting potential violations of laws and regulations, policies and guidelines, or other severe irregularities. The whistleblower scheme is available 24/7. See more