Corporate Culture

Strong corporate culture

A strong corporate culture is an important part of NORDEN’s offer to customers and partners as well as new and existing employees. The corporate culture is based on our Corporate Soul Purpose and NORDEN’s four core values.

These key elements are a clear indication to NORDEN's customers, partners, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders of what to expect from us.

NORDEN's Corporate Soul Purpose and Values are anchored firmly in the employees’ behaviours and day-to-day procedures and involves all employees at NORDEN, enabling everyone to participate in forming the future direction of NORDEN and to have influence on how to “live the values”.

Our Corporate Soul Purpose

Our Corporate Soul Purpose:

As custodians of
smarter global trade, we are
conscious, soulful people
uniting a world where every
person and action matters.

Our values

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Empathy
  • Ambition

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