Employee News

01 Dec 2008

New colleague in Hellerup - Christian Barfoed Pedersen

Welcome to Christian Barfoed Pedersen, IT supporter 1st level.

04 Nov 2008

New colleagues in Singapore - Nor H. Ngatman & Hui Tiang Chua

Welcome to;

Ms Nor H. Ngatman, Administrative Assistant (per 4 November 2008)
Ms Hui Tiang Chua, Accounts Officer (per 11 November 2008)


03 Nov 2008

New colleagues and organisational changes

Welcome to two new colleagues in Hellerup;

Mr Claus Pfeiffer Fischer, Team leader in Bulk Pool.
Ms Mette Hahn Conradsen, Controller.

Organisational changes - Internal Service to Technical Department:

Mr Peter Sundell has changed from our Internal Service to our Purchase Department as Assistant Purchasing Manager.


01 Nov 2008

New colleague at JNS Site Office

Welcome to Mr Elonys Lopez, Machinery Supervisor.

20 Oct 2008

Trainee news - Shanghai/Hellerup

Welcome to Hellerup to Ms Elaine Yu and Mr Jay Chen trainees from our Shanghai office. Elaine and Jay started their trainee program in Shanghai July 2007.  Now they continue their training in Hellerup in our Dry Cargo Department in Handysize Chartering and Panamax Operation respectively. Elaine and Jay will complete their training period at the end of September 2009. 

15 Oct 2008

New "old" colleague in Hellerup

After 1 ½ years as Senior Operations Manager with our subsidiary Norient Product Pool, Mr Michael Steenfeldt has returned to NORDEN in a new position as Senior Training Manager.

Glomaris training of NORDEN employees will be Michaels primary responsibility.

06 Oct 2008

New colleague in Mumbai

Welcome to Ms Anjali Kedari, Administrative Assistant.

01 Oct 2008

New colleagues/Organisational changes Hellerup/Singapore

We are pleased to welcome four new colleagues in Hellerup:

Corporate Communications
Mr Hans Bøving, Head of Corporate Communications (see also press release)

Dry Cargo Department
Mr Michael Witt, Controller Manager, Control Section
Mr Mark Vinther, Freight Derivatives Manager

Finance Department
Ms Nancy Sayed, Financial Controller

Organisational changes:

Dry Cargo Department
Mr Michael Særmark, Controller Manager transfers from Hellerup to Singapore to start up a new control function there.

Corporate Secretariat/Corporate Communications
Ms Karina Skydt, Webmaster transfers from Corporate Secretariat to the newly established Corporate Communications Department



18 Sep 2008

New colleagues in Singapore

It is a pleasure to welcome:
Ms Kimmie Goh, Controller.
Ms Jean Teng, Senior Projects Executive, Newbuilding Department

15 Sep 2008

Organisational changes - Hellerup & Annapolis

Dry Cargo Department

Mr Andreas Hjorth Simonsen, Senior Chartering Manager has transferred from the Handymax Segment to the Panamax Segment (per 22 September 2008).
Mr Jesper T. Nielsen, Assistant Operations Manager has transferred from the Handymax Chartering section to the Handymax Operations section (per 15 September).
Ms Sonia Lema Blanco, Chartering Manager will transfer from Handysize Operations to Handymax Chartering (per 6 october).

Ms Majbritt Sundstrøm, Assistant Operations Manager will transfer from Hellerup to Annapolis, effective from 17 December 2008.



01 Sep 2008

New colleagues - Karin Fangel & Birgitte Jeppesen

Welcome in Hellerup;

Ms Karin Fangel, Finance Assistant in Finance Department
Ms Birgitte Jeppesen, Analyst in Corporate Secretariat

22 Aug 2008

New colleague - Marianne Teglhus Møller

Welcome to Ms Marianne Teglhus Møller, Student Assistant in our HR Department.

19 Aug 2008

New colleague in Shanghai - Sandra Wang

Welcome to Ms Sandra Wang, Documentation Manager

18 Aug 2008

Three new IT-colleagues in Hellerup

18 August 2008
Mr Fathi El-Kilani, IT Trainee
Mr Henrik John, IT Support - 1st level

20 August 2008
Mr David Culling, IT Analyst

11 Aug 2008

New colleague - Susan Flintegård

Welcome to Ms Susan Flintegård, Assistant Operations Manager, Dry Cargo Handymax section.

01 Aug 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Kelly Lam

Welcome to Ms Kelly Lam, Senior Accounts Executive in our Singapore Office. 

01 Aug 2008

Welcome to new colleagues in Hellerup

Dry Cargo Department
Ms Sonia Lema Blanco, Operations Manager, Handysize section
Ms Agnieszka Zawistowska, Administrative Assistant

Technical Department
Mr Peter Klitgaard Brandt, Superintendent
Mr Christian Klynge, QA Manager

Corporate Secretariat
Mr Nikolaj Lynge, Analyst

Furthermore we welcomed seven new trainees in Copenhagen - more

24 Jul 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Alvin Ng

Mr Alvin Ng, Accounts Officer has joined us in Singapore.

23 Jul 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Andy Koh

It is a pleasure to welcome Mr Andy Koh, Operations Manager to our Singapore office.

01 Jul 2008

New colleague - Jakob Krauthammer

Welcome to our piccolo Mr Jakob Krauthammer.

23 Jun 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Wai Fong Wong

Welcome to Ms Wai Fong Wong,  Payroll Assistant in our Singapore office.

19 Jun 2008

Trainee News - Worldwide

New trainees will join us shortly  - and our second year trainees will soon be graduating.

A warm welcome to new trainees:

Shanghai per 1 July 2008
Ms Iris Yu, Dry Cargo Chartering
Ms Judy Chen, Dry Cargo Chartering

Singapore per 15 July & 23 July 2008 (Management Trainees) - Scholarships from Nanyang Technological University 
Ms Poh Wee Teng, Dry Cargo Chartering
Mr Wang Duanwei, Dry Cargo Operation
Mr Robert Sugarra, Tanker Operation (Norient Product Pool)

Hellerup per 1 August 2008
Mr Alexander Sillehoved, Dry Cargo Department- Operation - Panamax
Mr Danni Hansen - Tanker - Chartering (Norient Product Pool)
Mr Jesper M. Nielsen - Tanker - Operation (Norient Product Pool)
Mr Michael Warming - Dry Cargo Department - Chartering - Handymax
Mr Mikkel Bondo Fagt - Dry Cargo Department - Chartering - Handymax (presently student assistant in Reception)
Mr Morten Bang - Dry Cargo Department - Chartering - Panamax (presently student assistant in Dry Cargo)
Mr Steffen Christian Lie - Dry Cargo Department - Operation - Handymax (presently student assistant in Dry Cargo)

Annapolis per 1 August 2008
Ms Vanessa Anderson - Dry Cargo Department - Operation. 

Congratulations to our second year trainess who will graduate on 31 July 2008:

It is a great pleasure for us to be able to continue our co-operation with them in their new positions;

Mr Oliver Ritz will be Assistant Chartering Manager and will be going to our Mumbai Office, Dry Cargo Department.
Mr Jesper R. Nielsen will be Assistant Chartering Manager and will be going to our Singapore Office, Dry Cargo Department.
Mr Søren T. Nielsen will be Assistant Chartering Manager and will be going to our Singapore office, Tanker Department.
Mr Peter K. Hansen will be Asssitant Chartering Manager and will be going to our Annapolis office, Dry Cargo Department.
Mr Christian M. Jensen will be Assistant Chartering Manager in our Dry Cargo Handysize Department in Hellerup.

13 Jun 2008

Organisational change - Ms Echo Zhang

Ms Echo Zhang, Assistant Chartering Manager has returned to our Shanghai office after 1 year and 4 months in our Copenhagen office.

On 1 July 2008 she was promoted to Chartering Manager. Congratulations Echo.

10 Jun 2008

New colleague - Runi Egholm

Welcome to a new colleague in Hellerup, Mr Runi Egholm, Crew Manager.

09 Jun 2008

Organisational change - Jesper Dueholm Hou

Mr Jesper Dueholm Hou has joined our reception team. Jesper has been with us since April 2008 as Facility Management Assistant (Temp.).

02 Jun 2008

Shanghai - New colleague - Niu Ziru

Welcome to Mr Niu Ziru, Chartering Manager in the Handysize segment in our Shanghai office.

02 Jun 2008

New colleague - Anne Larsen

Welcome to Ms Anne Larsen, Financial Assistant, Hellerup.

30 May 2008

Article from Søfart about NORDEN's Shanghai Office

NORDEN's greenhouse in Shanghai - more

26 May 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Mandy Tan

Welcome to Ms Mandy Tan, Administration Executive in our Singapore office.

23 May 2008

Welcome to Inge Mathiassen

Welcome to a new colleague in Copenhagen;

Dry Cargo Department
Ms Inge Mathiassen, Controller

19 May 2008

Welcome to Jesper Petersen

Welcome to a new colleague in Copenhagen;

Technical Department
Mr Jesper Petersen, KPI Manager, QA Section

12 May 2008

Organisational changes - Annapolis & Copenhagen

Dry Cargo Department
Mr Mikkel Borresen will replace Mr Thomas Jarde in our Annapolis Office as General Manager.
Mr Thomas Jarde will return to Copenhagen as Senior Chartering Manager and Deputy in our Handymax Chartering Section.

07 May 2008

Organisational change - Julie Mailind

Ms Julie Mailind has transferred from Dry Cargo Operations Handymax to our Bunkers Department.

05 May 2008

Promotion - Mr Mohamad El-Muzayen

It is a pleasure to announce that Mr Mohamad El-Muzayen has been promoted to IT Services & Support Manager - Purchasing Manager.

Congratulations Mohamad.

05 May 2008

New colleagues - Morten Bang & Steffen Lie

Welcome to two new student assistants;

Mr Morten Bang, Dry Cargo Panamax Chartering
Mr Steffen Lie, Dry Cargo Projects

01 May 2008

Organisational changes & Promotions at Site Offices

We are pleased to announce the following changes;

Mr Allan Thomsen has been promoted to Regional Site Manager, South Korea.
Mr Michael Brodersen has been promoted to Site Manager at GSI Site Office in China.

Mr Miao Dan has moved from Chengxi Site Office to GSI Site Office, China.

30 Apr 2008

Retirement - Annemette Tranberg

After 22 years with NORDEN in accounting  Annemette Tranberg has decided to retire.

We wish you all the best in the future and a happy retirement Annemette.

30 Apr 2008

New colleagues in Copenhagen & Singapore

It is a pleasure to welcome;

Mr Søren Meldgaard Jepsen, Senior Chartering Manager, Dry Cargo Department, Panamax
Ms Inga Masilionyte, FFA Assistant, Dry Cargo Department, Freight Derivatives
Ms Majbritt Sundstrøm, Assistant Operations Manager, Dry Cargo Department, Handymax
Mr Mikkel Bondo Fagt, Student Assistant, Reception

Mr Herman Tedja, Senior Chartering Manager, Dry Cargo Department
Mr Suksant Nipanutiyan, Chartering Manager, Dry Cargo Department
Ms May Shin Wong, HR Manager

01 Apr 2008


According to press release and stock exchange announcement of 22 February 2008, NORDEN strengthens the organisation and management structure in line with the Company's growth.

We are pleased to announce the following promotions as per today;

Mr Jacob Meldgaard promoted to Executive Vice President (member of Executive Management)
Mr Martin Badsted promoted to Senior Vice President  (Head of Corporate Secretariat)
Ms Vibeke Schneidermann promoted to Senior Vice President (HR Manager)
Mr Jens Christensen promoted to Vice President (Deputy - Technical Department)

Congratulations !

Press release of 22 Februar 2008
NORDEN strengthens organisation and promotes three managers

Announcement of 22 February 2008
Mr Jacob Meldgaard will join NORDEN's Executive Management

01 Apr 2008

Seven new colleagues in Copenhagen

It is a pleasure to welcome six new colleagues;

HR Department & Internal Service
Mr Jan U. Nielsen, Training Consultant
Mr Jesper Dueholm Hou, Facility Management Assistant (Temp.)

Finance Department
Ms Heidi Britt Jørgensen, Salary Manager

Tanker Department
Mr Kenneth Kampmann, Chartering Manager

Dry Cargo Department
Mr Teddy Folmer, Senior Chartering Manager - Projects
Mr Lars Peter Tørnqvist, Port Captain- Europe
Mr Thomas Kobbel, Chartering Manager - Panamax

01 Apr 2008

New colleague at GSI Site Office - Weiguo Liang

Welcome to Mr Weiguo Liang, Hull Supervisor at our GSI Site Office, China.

11 Mar 2008

Temporary change Copenhagen/Annapolis - Jesper Tarbensen Nielsen

As a temporary change Mr Jesper Tarbensen Nielsen, Assistant Chartering Manager in Dry Cargo Handymax will move from our Copenhagen office to our Annapolis office for a period of five months. 

01 Mar 2008

Welcome back - Adam Nielsen

After three and a half years abroad Mr Adam Nielsen, Chartering Manager has returned to our Dry Cargo Department - Handymax section in Copenhagen. Adam has spent the past 2.5 years with our Shanghai Office and before that he was 1.5 years with our Singapore Office.

Welcome back Adam.

01 Mar 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Charlotte Nymark

It is a pleasure to welcome Ms Charlotte Nymark, Assistant Chartering Manager to our Singapore office.

01 Mar 2008

Four new colleagues in Copenhagen

It is a great pleasure to welcome four new colleagues;

Ms Jette Rohde, Controller, Dry Cargo Department.
Mr Brian Pedersen, IT Support, IT Department.
Ms Mary Alice Bjerngaard, Financial Assistant, Finance Department.
Mr Morten Vestergaard, Financial Assistant, Finance Department.

20 Feb 2008

Completion of trainee programme - Echo Zhang

It is a pleasure to announce that Ms Echo Zhang as the first NORDEN Shanghai trainee has completed her trainee programme. Echo will continue her career with NORDEN as Assistant Chartering Manager in Copenhagen in our Dry Cargo Panamax Chartering Department and from 1 July 2008 in our Shanghai Office.

Congratulations Echo.

01 Feb 2008

New colleagues - Christian E. Jacobsen & Cecilie Hedemand

Welcome to two new colleagues in Copenhagen.

Dry Cargo Department
Mr Christian E. Jacobsen, Senior Chartering Manager, Handysize Chartering.

Internal Service
Ms Cecilie Hedemand, Student Assistant, Reception.

18 Jan 2008

NORDEN receives CFA Denmark’s information diploma price

On 17 January 2008 NORDEN received the Information Diploma 2007 from CFA Danmark (Finansanalytikerforeningen).CFA Denmark describes the Information Diploma price in general as follows: “The price is an acknowledgement of a special effort within a selected part of all information to the share market. We still see more and more good examples of companies making a great effort to explain conditions, which in particular are important for specifically their company and business model.

The reason for awarding NORDEN the Information Diploma 2007 is described by CFA Denmark: Besides fine reporting in general, we find that the thorough presentation of the fleet and the segments in which NORDEN is engaged is a splendid example to follow. In this central area, NORDEN’s reporting is outstanding. This area is of course important to a shipowner, and therefore also important to analysts and investors in order for them to recognise a number of factors which are decisive for the value assessment of NORDEN’s shares. 

08 Jan 2008

New colleague in Annapolis - Owen Mulford

It is a pleasure to welcome our very first Annapolis office trainee. Mr Owen Mulford will follow a 1 year trainee programme with NORDEN, and first stop will be in our Annapolis Dry Cargo Department - operations.    

02 Jan 2008

New colleagues - Astrid Hinderks & Nina Knudsen

Welcome to two new colleagues in our Dry Cargo Department;

Ms Astrid Hinderks, Operations Manager in our Panamax Operations Department.
Ms Nina Knudsen, Student Assistant in Management Support.

02 Jan 2008

New colleague in Singapore - Irwin Khoo

Welcome to Mr Irwin Khoo, Accountant at our Singapore Office.

01 Jan 2008


It is a great pleasure for us to announce the promotions of our colleagues;

Dry Cargo Department

Mr Alex Christiansen promoted to Vice President.
Ms Inga Ellekjær promoted to General Manager.
Mr Kenni Havsholm promoted to Operations Manager.
Ms Julie Mailind promoted to Operations Manager.
Mr Peder Nielsen promoted to Senior Operations Manager.
Mr Jacob Vind promoted to Chartering Manager.
Ms Anne Mette Hansen promoted to Chartering Manager (Singapore).

Technical Department

Mr Jørn Andresen promoted to General Manager.

Finance Department

Ms Mette Berger promoted to Senior Financial Controller.

Big congratulations to all of you.

01 Jan 2008

New colleagues at our GSI Site Office

In order to strengthen our Site-team at GSI the following supervisors have been employed;

Mr Antony Godfried Ujong, Electric Superintendent
Mr Cui Daojun, Paint Superintendent