Employee News

17 Dec 2007

New colleague - Kasper Devantier

Our claims department has been further strengthened - and we welcome Mr Kasper Devantier, Claims Manager.

07 Dec 2007

New colleague in Shanghai - Sophie Bu

It is a pleasure to welcome Ms Sophie Bu, Documentation Manager in our Shanghai Office.

04 Dec 2007

New colleague - Annapolis - Alex Mironor

Welcome to Mr Alex Mironor, Assistant Chartering Manager in our Annapolis office - Dry Cargo.

03 Dec 2007

New colleague Copenhagen - Sanne Berglund Simonsen

Welcome to Ms Sanne Berglund Simonsen as Secretary in our Technical Department.

01 Dec 2007

New colleague in Singapore - William Chong

Welcome to Mr William Chong, HR & Admin. Executive at our Singapore Office.

22 Nov 2007

The power of training

Extract from article in The BIMCO Bulletin October 2007 - interview with former shipping trainees now Assistant Chartering or Assistant Operation Managers

Since the shipping industry constitutes Denmark’s second most important export earner, it naturally features prominently in the country’s lists of career possibilities.
According to the Danish Shipowners Association, 20,000 nationals and 3,000 foreigners are employed by Danish shipowners, this figure rising to a total of 70,000 people when the wider maritime related industry is taken into account. There are, therefore, excellent prospects in the industry for bright careers for school and college leavers.

Intensive two year training programme
....On the chartering side, they learn about markets, cargoes and customers and they are taught to think ahead and consider what form future markets might take. They learn about the operator’s responsibility in ensuring that transport of goods is achieved as efficiently as possible and about the controller, who oversees freight assignment. ...

Why did they choose shipping ?
Christian Fossing Hansen
He was attracted to it by its international character and the wide possibilities it offered for an interesting career. During his training period with NORDEN he was sent to Scotland, The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Thailand; he is now working in the regional office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in Norden Tankers & Bulkers.

Christian Hornum
Christian Hornum grew up in Svendborg, an old port town with a strong tradition of shipping, so that the maritime industry was a constant presence. He too joined NORDEN when he was 22 years old and he too likes the international aspect of maritime life with the chance to meet people from different cultures.

Rasmus Saltofte
Once again it is the international flavour of shipping which so appealed, and, after researching the various companies to which he might apply for work, he took up an offer to join NORDEN straight from college, aged 20.

Danish shipowners ensure that trainees work with counterparts from other large Danish maritime companies, so that Christian Fossing, Christian and Rasmus will have acquired an invaluable network of people at an early stage in their careers.

Read the full pdf BIMCO article "The power of training"

19 Nov 2007

Norient Product Pool expands into the LR1 Segment

Today NORDEN's 50% owned Norient Product Pool published a press release;

In 2008, Norient Product Pool will enter into the LR1 segment of 60,000-75,000 deadweight tonnes product tankers. The participants of Norient Product Pool - D/S NORDEN A/S and Interorient Navigation Company Ltd. - have initially committed five product tankers to the Pool’s activities in this new segment.

The new activities in the LR1 segment will provide a valuable addition to Norient Product Pool’s present operations in the Handysize and Medium Range (MR) product tanker segments. The Pool currently operates 44 Handysize and MR units (35,000-52,000 dwt), of which 29 are ice classed.

“We continue to see transport patterns changing as new refinery capacity is located in Asia and the Middle East, far from the main consumer regions in Europe and North America. This leads to longer transport routes and, in this context, it is of great value to the Pool to have the larger LR1 vessels at our disposal. We believe the LR1 segment is very compatible with our current fleet and will enable us to
offer a more diversified service to customers,” says CEO Søren Huscher from Norient Product Pool.

The Pool will take delivery of the five new LR1 vessels from February to September, 2008. All vessels will be ice class 1A. They will operate globally. Including the five LR1 units, Norient Product Pool today has 42 vessels on order through the two participants in the Pool.

Read the full wording on Norient Product Pool's website.


12 Nov 2007

New colleague in Singapore - Capt Li

Welcome to Capt Wen QIng Li as Operations Manager in our Dry Cargo department in Singapore.

02 Nov 2007

New colleage in Singapore - Ling Fei Tan

It is a pleasure to welcome Mr Ling Fei Tan to our IT Department in our Singapore Office.

01 Nov 2007

New colleague - Monika Mølgaard Frederiksen

We are pleased to welcome Ms Monika Mølgaard Frederiksen, Financial Assistant to our Finance Department.

31 Oct 2007

Minor NORDEN sponsorship to the Danish golfplayer Anders Hansen

NORDEN now sponsors the Danish European tour golf player Anders Hansen with a minor contribution.

Anders Hansen will wear the NORDEN logo on his golf cap (right side) and on his poloshirts and sweaters on the left sleeve.  

Anders Hansen's first apperance in his new Norden outfit will be this weekend (3 to 4 November 2007) where he plays in Spain at Valderrama in Volvo Masters.



29 Oct 2007

New address for Shanghai Office

Our Shanghai office has moved - the new address is:

"NORDEN" Tankers & Bulkers (Shanghai)

Representative Office
Office Tower, Unit 2504
Golden Bund Financial Center
222 Yanan Road East, Shanghai 200002
Peoples Republic of China

Telephone no.: +86 (0)21 63352000
Telefax no.: +86 (0)21 63350880

More details about our Shanghai Office

17 Oct 2007

New colleague - Robert Dehn

Mr Robert Dehn, New Building Manager joined us today.

04 Oct 2007

NORDEN receives first price for best annual report

NORDEN recieves the Danish newspaper Børsen's annual reports price for the best annual report in 2006 among Danish companies not listed in the OMXC20-index.

01 Oct 2007

New colleagues

It is a pleasure to welcome six new colleagues today;

Ms Susan Krath Knudsen, Financial Assistant, Accounting Department
Ms Satoko Tanaka Forsberg, Controller, Dry Cargo Control Department
Mr Henrik Christensen, Assistant QA Manager, Technical Department
Mr Søren Dag Sturm, Senior Crew Manager, Technical Department
Mr Niels Rotendahl, Accounting Manager, Accounting Department

Mr Huang Gelong, Port Captain


30 Sep 2007

NORDEN participated in Berlin Marathon 2007

A large delegation of NORDEN employees participated in the Berlin Marathon 2007. Very well done all of you ! Congratulations.

From left; Klaus Stamp, Søren Tolbøll Nielsen, Christian Munk Jensen, Andreas Hjorth Simonsen, Jacob Vind, Jesper Aaholm Pedersen, Stig Kelstrup, Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen, Johan Ankerstjerne (family), Peter Sand

17 Sep 2007

New employee - Jesper Tarbensen Nielsen/Organisational change - Michael Wulff

New employee

Mr Jesper Tarbensen Nielsen joined our Dry Cargo Department - Handymax Chartering Section as Assistant Chartering Manager today.

Organisational change

Mr Michael Wulff moved from Dry Cargo Management Support to our Bunkers Department as Bunkers Assistant.



01 Sep 2007

Organisational change - Charlotte Elkjær

Ms Charlotte Elkjær has transferred from Dry Cargo Department, Handymax Chartering to Dry Cargo Control as Controller.

31 Aug 2007

New employee - Ivar Myklebust Chief Financial Officer

On 1 September 2007 Mr Ivar Myklebust will join us as CFO. Ivar will succeed CFO Jens Fehrn-Christensen, who wishes to retire as earlier announced in pdf Announcement No 5.

Ivar will form NORDEN’s Management together with CEO Carsten Mortensen. His area of responsibility in NORDEN will be finance, accounts, risk management, insurance and IT.

Ivar Myklebust is Norwegian, 39 years old and comes from a position as Executive Director/Head of Corporate Finance Norway at Nordea Corporate Finance, where he was responsible for Nordea’s consultancy activities within the maritime industry across the Nordic countries. In that capacity, he has advised a number of maritime businesses on finance, strategy and transactions. See full details in  pdf Announcement No 19.

31 Aug 2007

New student assistant in Accounting - Anne Kathrine Skov Kjær/Permanent employment - Ewa Melan Nitschke

Secretary in Dry Cargo Department

Ms Ewa Melan Nitschke who has been with us as temporary Secretary since June 2007 has been employed on a permanent basis from 1 September 2007. 

Student Assistant Accounting Department

On 1 September 2007 Ms Anne Kathrine Skov Kjær will join us as Student Assistant in Accounting. Anne Kathrine has previously worked with us as assistant in Internal Service.

31 Aug 2007

New colleague - Flemming Olsen

On 1 September 2007 Mr Flemming Olsen has joined our Dry Cargo Department - Operations - Panamax as Senior Operations Manager.

15 Aug 2007

Singapore - Local IT Support Function

To improve our internal IT service in Asia a new IT support function has been placed in Singapore.

The intention is to find a local employee for this function - but for the first four months Mr Stefan Søndergård from our Copenhagen office will fill in this postion.


14 Aug 2007

New collegues - Internal Service

We are pleased to welcome Mr Willy Danielsen as Facility Management Assistant and Ms Emilie Brix as Student Assistant.

13 Aug 2007

New colleague - Christina Hey

Ms Christina Hey has joined us as Student Assistant in our Claims Department.

01 Aug 2007

New collegue - Frederik Troest Dam

Welcome to Mr Frederik Troest Dam, Assistant Operations Manager in our Tanker Department.

30 Jul 2007

New colleague - Olivia Reed

It is a pleasure to welcome Ms Olivia Reed to our Annapolis Office as Administrative Assistant.

12 Jul 2007

New colleague - Marianne Christensen

On 1 August 2007, Ms Marianne Christensen, Corporate Controller will join our Corporate Control Department. Welcome !

11 Jul 2007

New colleague - Michael Boetius

On 1 August 2007 Mr Michael Boetius will join us as Senior Chartering Manager in our Dry Cargo Panamax Department.

11 Jul 2007

New Trainees

We look very much forward to welcoming seven new trainees on 1 August 2007;

Mr Jens Fjordgaard, Dry Cargo - Chartering - Panamax
Mr Lars Frostholm, Dry Cargo - Operations - Handysize
Mr Søren Gaarmann, Tanker - Operations
Ms Louise McKenzie Hall, Tanker - Operations
Ms Michelle Hjorth, Dry Cargo - Operations - Handymax. In October 2007 Michelle decided to leave NORDEN. All the best in the future to Michelle. 
Mr Nikolaj Lockenwitz Petersen, Dry Cargo - Chartering - Handymax
Mr Joachim Holt Reimers, Dry Cargo - Operations - Panamax


11 Jul 2007

Trainees - Class of 2007

In a few weeks on 31 July 2007 our four second-year trainees will complete their training with us.

It is a great pleasure for us to be able to continue our co-operation with them in their new positions;

Mr Rasmus Saltofte Jacobsen will be Assistant Operations Manager and will be going to our Singapore Office, Dry Cargo Department on 1 September 2007.
Mr Christian Hornum will be Assistant Chartering Manager and will be going to our Annapolis Office, Dry Cargo Department on 1 September 2007.
Ms Nickie Neumann Hansen will be Assistant Operations Manager and will be going to Norient Product Pool's Singapore Office, Tankers on 1 October 2007.
Mr Christian Fossing Hansen will be Assistant Chartering Manager and will be going to our Rio Office, Dry Cargo Department on 1 September 2007.

Congratulations to all of you - very well done !

05 Jul 2007

Trainees in Shanghai

NORDEN welcomes two new trainees to the Shanghai Office.

On 17 July 2007 Ms Elaine Yu and Mr Jay Chen will join the office and follow a 12 months program in Shanghai. The program includes, among other things, handling of Handymax and Panamax tonnage, generel knowledge about Shanghai office shipping, learning about Finance and Administration from Singapore office and sailing onboard a NORDEN vessel. There will also be relevant exams as maritime law and English.

After this 12 months program Elaine and Jay will transfer to our Danish office in Hellerup where they will continue and complete their training in our Dry Cargo Department in Handysize Chartering and Panamax Operation respectively. Elaine and Jay will complete their training period at the end of October 2009. 

A warm welcome to Elaine and Jay.

04 Jul 2007

New student assistant in Dry Cargo

Welcome to Mr Michael Smedegaard Petersen. Michael will join our managment support team in Dry Cargo Department.

02 Jul 2007

Promotion - Claus Hartmann/New Position - Erik Brink Terkildsen

NORDEN Tankers & Bulkers USA

Mr Claus Hartmann has been promoted to Senior Operations Manager.

Mr Erik Brink Terkildsen has transferred from Copenhagen to Annapolis af Operations Manager.

01 Jul 2007

New colleague - Jesper Kongstad

Today Mr Jesper Kongstad, Superintendent joined us in our Inspections Department.

01 Jul 2007

Promotion - Anne Katrine Nedergaard

We are pleased to announce that Ms Anne Katrine Nedergaard has been promoted from Assistant Crew Manager to Crew Manager.

12 Jun 2007

New colleague - Signe V. Christensen/New Position - Karina Skydt

New employee - Signe V. Christensen
Today we welcomed Ms Signe Christensen as new sectretary in our Tanker Department and in Norient Product Pool.

New position - Karina Skydt
Signe will replace Karina Skydt, who in two weeks time  will transfer to Corporate Secretariat as webmaster (among other tasks) for NORDEN and Norient Product Pool.

Welcome to Signe and good luck to Karina in her new position. 


01 Jun 2007

New Position - Steven Sandorff

Mr Steven Sandorff, General Manager, who for the past 2½ years has been partly Norient and partly NORDEN employed, has transferred to NORDEN's Tanker Operations Department  full time.


30 May 2007

New position - Malene Ege

Ms Malene Ege, who has been working for us for a while as partime student assistant, has been employed with us as full time HR Coordinator from 1 June 2007.

15 May 2007

New colleague - Crewing Philippines

NORDEN's recruitment efforts in the Philippines have been strengthened with the appointment of Mr Joseph Acibar as local Crewing Manager.

01 May 2007

New colleague - Mads Eriksen

Welcome to Mr Mads Eriksen, Management Support in our Dry Cargo Department.

01 May 2007

New position - Steffen Johnstad-Møller

Mr Steffen Johnstad-Møller will transfer from his position as Assistant Operations Manager in Singapore to Assistant Chartering Manager, Dry Cargo Department in Annapolis.

15 Apr 2007

New position - Jesper Aaholm Pedersen

Mr Jesper Aaholm Pedersen will transfer from his position as Head of Management Support, Dry Cargo to Chartering Manager in Projects, Dry Cargo Department.

01 Apr 2007

Promotion - Mette Stenild Grøn - New Positions - Mark Bastian Neumann & Anders Hansen


We are pleased to announce that Ms Mette Stenild Grøn has been promoted to Senior Operations Manager and manager of our Dry Cargo Panamax Operation department.

Congratulations Mette !

New General Manger of our Rio Office

Mr Mark Bastian Neumann formerly Chartering Manager in our Dry Cargo Capesize/Panamax section has been appointed General Manager of our Rio Office.

Mark takes over from Mr Anders Hansen, Anders will return to Denmark on 1 May 2007 as Senior Chartering Manager in our Dry Cargo Panamax Section.

All the best to the two of you.

01 Mar 2007

New colleague - Peder Nielsen/New position - Claus B. Jensen

New colleague

We are pleased to welcome Mr Peder Nielsen, Operations Manager  to our Handymax Operations Team in Dry Cargo.

New position

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that Mr Claus B. Jensen has joined our Annapolis Office as Port Captain. Claus has been employed with us since July 2005 as Captain.

28 Feb 2007

Retirement - Kjeld Rasmussen

After many years Mr Kjeld Rasmussen will retire from his position as Senior Vice President and Head of our Accounting Department.

A reception for business partners, friends and colleagues will be held on Wednesday 28 February 2007 from 15.00 to 17.00 at our head office at 49, Amaliegade, Copenhagen. See Danish ad here .

We thank Kjeld for his many successful years with us and wish him a long and happy retirement !

Profile:Kjeld Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, born in 1941. Mr Rasmussen has been with Dampskibsselskabet "NORDEN" A/S since 1987 and is in charge of finance, accounts and insurance. He received his training from the East Asiatic Company Ltd. (EAC) and holds a bachelor of commerce degree in management accounting. Mr Rasmussen has held executive positions in both Denmark and abroad at EAC and other shipping companies.

12 Feb 2007

New colleague - Michael Guldmann Petersen/New Position - Michael Steenfeldt

New colleague

Mr Michael Guldmann Petersen, General Manager will take over from Mr Michael Steenfeldt, General Manager as our new head of Bulk Operations Department.

New position

Mr Steenfeldt has taken up a position in our 50% owned Norient Product Poll as Senior Operations Manager.

We welcome Mr Petersen and congratulate Mr Steenfeldt with his new position.

01 Feb 2007

New colleagues - Morten Ligaard & Jan Ivarsen/New position - Ole Clausen

New colleague

Mr Morten Ligaard has joined us as head of our new Claims & Insurance Department.

New position

Furthermore Mr Ole Clausen, Senior Claims Manager has transferred from the Claims Section in Bulk, to the new Claims and Insurance Department.

New colleague

Furthermore Mr Jan Ivarsen, Senior Chartering Manager has joined our Handysize Chartering Department. Welcome.

31 Jan 2007

New position - Majbritt O. Jacobsen

Ms Majbritt O. Jacobsen will transfer from our Finance Department to our Bulk Control Section as per 12 February 2007.

18 Jan 2007

New colleague - Mohammed El-Muzayen

Mr Mohammed El-Muzayen, IT Supporter has joined our IT Department. Welcome !

08 Jan 2007

New colleague - Mona Mao

It is a pleasure to welcome Ms Mona Mao, Documentation Manager in our Shanghai Office.

07 Jan 2007

New colleague - Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang has joined our Shanghai Office as Chartering Manager - welcome !

05 Jan 2007

New position - Echo Zhang

We are pleased to announce that Ms Echo Zhang will transfer from our Shanghai office to Copenhagen for the next 12 months where she enrolls in our trainee programme.

01 Jan 2007

New colleagues/New Position

Welcome to a new year - and our new employees:

Dry Cargo Department

Mr Klaus Vilstrup, Legal Advisor/Projects, Projects.
Ms Julie Mailind, Assistant Operations Manager, Handymax.
Ms Mette Molin, Controller, Control.

Accounts Department

Ms Karina Hindsberg, Financial Assistant.

Technical Department/New position

Mr Christian Ratenburg, Assistant Superintendent. Christian has been with "NORDEN" since 2004 as Second Engineer on board our vessels. But has now taken up a landbased position.

01 Jan 2007

Promotions and organisational changes


Mr Kristian Wærness promoted to Senior Vice President.
Mr Christian Danmark promoted to Vice President.
Ms Mette Brylov promoted to Financial Controller.

Dry Cargo Department

Mr Peter Norborg promoted to Vice President.
Mr Peter Borup new title/promotion - now Managing Director, Singapore & Group Vice President "NORDEN" Asia.
Mr Jesper Svenstrup promoted to Senior Chartering Manager, Handymax.
Mr Laser Huang promoted to Senior Chartering Manager, Singapore.

Technical Department

Mr Søren Westergaard promoted to General Manager, Newbuilding Section.
Mr Erik Carlsen promoted to Senior Superintendant.
Mr Alex Hjortnæs transferred from seabased position to Senior Newbuilding Manager.

Corporate Secretariat

Mr Martin Badsted promoted to Vice President.

Congratulations to all of you.