Employee News

26 May 2016

Organisational changes - Jens Christensen from Dry Cargo to Technical

With effect from 23 May 2016, Vice President and Head of Dry Cargo Operations, Jens Christensen, will take up the position as head of Technical Department and will per 1 June 2016 be promoted to Senior Vice President. Jens is replacing Asger Lauritsen, who has decided to leave NORDEN. The best of luck to Asger Lauritsen and congratulations to Jens Christensen.

Consequently, we are looking for a new Head of Global Dry Cargo Operations - see the open position here

11 May 2016

New employee in Singapore - Frank Lin Liang

On 10 May 2016, we welcomed Mr Frank Lin Liang, Assistant Operations Manager to our Dry Cargo Department in our Singapore office.

03 May 2016

Ejner Kiel Bonderup, Executive Vice President, turns 50

Ejner Kiel Bonderup, Executive Vice President, Virum, is turning 50 on Tuesday 10 May 2016.

 More about Ejner Kiel Bonderup and reception on Friday 20 May 2016

02 May 2016

Organisational changes and new employees

1 May 2016
Business Applications & Process Excellence department, Hellerup

Ms Maria Winkler Jensen, Operations Manager has returned to Hellerup after 3 years at our Annapolis office in Dry Cargo. Maria returns to a position as Business Applications Manager.
Mr Peter Hoff-Jensen has changed title from Business Applications Manager to Business Applications Portfolio Manager.
NORDEN Tankers & Bulkers (USA) Inc., Annapolis
Welcome to Mr Pablo Mariano Roche, Operations Manager in our Dry Cargo department. 

2 May 2016
NORDEN Shipping (Shanghai), Shanghai

We will welcome Ms Phoebe Wang, Shipping Trainee.

21 Apr 2016

New employee in Singapore - Jeremy Kim

On 18 April 2016, we welcomed Mr Jeremy Kim at our Singapore office, Dry Cargo Department as Chartering Manager.

07 Apr 2016

Transfer to Norient Product Pool - Dan Olsen

On 1 April 2016, Mr Dan Olsen, Vessel Finance Manager (Temporary) in our Technical Department transferred to our subsidiary Norient Product Pool, Hellerup as Accountant (Temporary).

01 Apr 2016

Five new employees in Hellerup

We are pleased to welcome:
21 March 2016
Mr Lasse Ulrich Iversen, Student Assistant, IT Department.
1 April 2016
Ms Ulla Ernst, HR Partner, HR Department.
Ms Tina Larsen, HR Partner, HR Department.
Ms Louise Meyer, Accountant, Finance Department.
On 4 April 2016
Mr Peter Grønsedt, Analyst, Business Analytics & Investor Relations.

14 Mar 2016

New employee - Pernille Brylle

Today, Ms Pernille Brylle, Executive Secretary joined us temporarily as substitute for Ms Pernille Mørch-Sørensen (maternity leave untill Spring 2017).

11 Mar 2016

From Norient to NORDEN - Marcia Morales Guimaraes Ferreira

On 29 February 2016, Ms Marcia Morales Guimaraes Ferreira, Administrative Assistant transferred from our subsidiary Norient Product Pool, Rio de Janeiro to NORDEN Tankers & Bulkers do Brazil Ltda., Rio de Janeiro.

03 Mar 2016

From Hellerup to Annapolis - Alec Petersen

On 1 March 2016, Mr Alec Petersen, Senior Operations Manager transferred from our Dry Cargo, Gearless Operations section in Hellerup to our Annapolis, Dry Cargo, Operations section.

01 Feb 2016

New employee and organisational changes in Hellerup

Technical Department
Today, we welcome Ms Catharina Houmaa Snejbjerg, Purchaser in our Technical Department.

From Finance to Dry Cargo
Today, Ms Lise Meldgaard Christensen, Accountant will transfer to our Dry Cargo Department, Contol as Controller.

29 Jan 2016


We are pleased to announce the following promotions with effect from 1 January 2016:

Asset Management
Ms Benedicte Wegener, from Senior Operations Manager to OperationsTeamleader, Hellerup

Dry Cargo Department
Mr Søren Gaarrmann, from Operations Manager to Senior Operations Manager, Annapolis
Mr Mads Simonsen, from Assistant Chartering Manager to Chartering Manager, Melbourne
Ms Charlotte Nymark, from Chartering Manager to Senior Chartering Manager, Singapore
Ms Pooja Dhawal Jhamb, from Chartering Manager to Senior Chartering Manager, Singapore
Mr Jens Fjordgaard Jensen, from Senior Chartering Manager to General Manager & Chief Representative (Shanghai), Shanghai
Ms Judy Chen, from Chartering Manager to Senior Chartering Manager, Shanghai
Mr Jesper Jensen, from Assistant Operations Manager to Operations Manager, Rio de Janeiro
Mr Jannick Madsen, from Chartering Manager to Senior Chartering Manager, Hellerup
Mr. Alec Pedersen, from Operations Manager to Senior Operations Manager, Hellerup
Ms Maria Damkær, from Assistant Operations Manager to Operations Manager, Hellerup
Ms Andrea Sørensen, from Assistant Operations Manager to Operations Manager, Hellerup

Fuel Efficiency
Mr Henrik Røjel, from Assistant Performance Manager to Performance Manager, Hellerup

Business Applications and Process Excellence (BAPE)
Ms Ulla Nielsen, from Head of CSR to Head of BAPE, Hellerup

Internal Service
Mr Willy Danielsen, from Facility Management Assistant to Facility Manager, Hellerup

Technical Department
Mr Michael Clausen, from Purchaser to Purchasing Manager, Hellerup
Mr Simon Christensen, from Performance Manager to Senior Performance Manager, Hellerup.

Congratulations to all of you - well done and well-deserved!

18 Jan 2016

New employee in Hellerup - Emil Lundberg Meyer-Kristensen

We are pleased to welcome Mr Emil Lundberg Meyer-Kristensen, Student Assistant in our Business Analytics department in Hellerup.

12 Jan 2016

Welcome to two interns in Annapolis

On 4 January 2016, we welcomed Mr Luke Robert DaCosta and Mr Nicolas James Cornu in our Annapolis office. Both will be interns in our Dry Cargo Department, Operations section for a period of two months.

06 Jan 2016

Organisational changes in Hellerup

As per 1 January 2016, the following changes have been made in Hellerup:

Business Applications & Process Excellence - new function
We have establishing a new function Business Applications & Process Excellence, which will be headed by Ulla E. Nielsen, Director (formerly head of our CSR Department).
Our former Business Applications Management Department is now a part of this new function and thus Bente Ellekjær Madsen, General Manager, Peter Niklas Hoff-Jensen Business Applications Manager, Thomas Michael Mortensen Business Applications Manager and Kasper S. Mikkelsen Student Assistant have transferred accordingly. Furthermore Marianne Christensen, Head of Risk Management, Corporate Secretariat has also transferred as Head of Process Optimisation.
 Contact details for Business Applications & Process Excellence

Corporate Communications & CSR - merger and renaming
Our CSR Department has been merged with our Corporate Communications Department and renamed to Corporate Communications & CSR, which will be headed by Nicolai Bro Jöhncke, Director (formerly head of our Corporate Communications Department)
 Contact details for Corporate Communications & CSR

Business Analytics - renaming
Our Corporate Secretariat has been renamed to Business Analytics & Investor Relations and will be headed by Morten Aarup, Head of Business Analytics and Investor Relations.  
 Contact details for Business Analytics & Investor Relations

06 Jan 2016

New employee in Hellerup - Camilla Marie Thiele

On 4 January 2016, Ms Camilla Marie Thiele, CSR and Compliance Manager joined us temporarily as substitute for Ms Satnam Kaur Nanda-Jørgensen (maternity leave untill Spring 2017).

04 Jan 2016

Organisational changes - from Singapore to Hellerup

Today Kristian Tvilde, General Manager - Head of Geared Chartering - South in our Dry Cargo Department in Singapore since April 2013 transferred to our Dry Cargo Department in Hellerup, Geared Tonnage, Chartering section as Senior Chartering Manager.