Employee benefits - head office Hellerup

Pension scheme & Health insurance

NORDEN offers all employees (effective from day of trainee graduation) a pension scheme of 10% of their salary. Furthermore, all employees are covered by health and accident insurance.

Further training/courses

Should NORDEN employees wish to enrole in further training or courses, NORDEN encourages and supports this wish and will, by individual agreement, cover the fee of relevant and work related studies.

Head office canteen

All employees at NORDEN’s head office are offered breakfast (on Fridays brunch) and lunch in the canteen. The kitchen prepares among other things a selection of hot dishes, salad bar and homemade bread, and the meals reflect that NORDEN supports its employees' requests to have the opportunity to choose healthy and well prepared food. The canteen is partly company financed and partly employee financed.

Sports activities


NORDEN employees are offered membership at Welcome Fitness in Waterfront Shipping Centre next to the head office in Hellerup at a company discount price.   

Sports Club

The NORDEN Sports Club supports and sponsors various forms of sport activities with colleagues. For instance participation in runs, squash, soccer, boxing, cyckling and hunting. Furthermore, the employees can ask the club for financing of other sports activities as long as the overall goal is to enjoy a day of sport with other NORDEN employees. 

NORDEN always participates in the 5 km relay race in Copenhagen and the shipping-related soccer "championships" Recto Cup and Summer Cup.

NORDEN has company membership with FCK - and has 5 seats for all home matches. The seats are - if not used for business purposes - by draw offered to the employees.   

Company Golf membership

NORDEN has 4 golf memberships which the employees can use  when not used for business purposes.  

NORDEN Sailing Club

The NORDEN speed boat NORDSTJERNEN is free to use for members of the NORDEN Sailing Club with sailing skills. 

Cultural activities

Theater club

Several times a year the theater club offers the employees the opportinity to partipate in the allotment of theater tickets for plays and musicals on Danish theaters. The membership is free of charge.