After dark


The NORDEN Café was introduced back in 2006 and is still a success. The last Friday in some months we meet for a casual beer in the canteen after work to sum up the month and start the weekend in good company.  

Summer party for the employees 

Some years we may have a Summer Party or an extended NORDEN Cafe.

Social events within the individual departments

The individual departments have gatherings after work during the year, where we meet for casual dinner and various activities like paint ball, bowling, fencing or singing.

Christmas Party for the employees

The traditional Christmas Party is an ever returning event in NORDEN. Employees are treated with traditional Christmas lunch for dinner, entertainment, live music and dance. Furthermore, the traditional "NORDEN Awards" takes place this evening. Employees are awarded in various categories, for example; best colleague, best manager, and last but not least the NORDEN Fool award, which goes to the person who has done the most stupid or crazy thing during the past year.  

Family activities

NORDEN also offers activities for children of all ages:

And for those who still believe in Santa

Every year at Christmas NORDEN invites the children of NORDEN - accompanied by their parents - to a Christmas Party where all traditions are fulfilled - a nice Christmas tree, family fun, cakes, candy and it goes without saying that Santa comes by with presents. 




"NORDEN prioritises social activities among the employees highly."